West Wales Action for Mental Health is a mental health development organisation, providing a range of services to voluntary groups, carers and individuals who have used or are using mental health services and living in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. We are currently involved with over 100 local groups advising on such matters as fundraising, training, local forums, planning and information technology.

RBA training

Results based accountability training held in 2014

The organisation was founded in April 1991, initially as a project under the ‘umbrella’ of the local council for voluntary services, and since 1995 as a stand alone charity and company limited by guarantee. WWAMH was initially funded through the Welsh Office, with a core funding contribution from what was then Dyfed County Council. In 2001 we were awarded the Legal Services Commission Quality Mark and are currently working towards achieving Trusted Charity Quality Assurance recognition.

WWAMH is involved in a broad range of activities to promote mental health and help ensure that everyone has access to independent and impartial information. We offer:

    • Information on where to get help with mental health problems
    • Local Directories of Mental Health Services
    • Distribution of information
    • Facilitation of workshops with community groups
    • A library of leaflets, books and videos
    • Access to information, help and advice services throughout Wales and England.
    • Organisation of conference and training events
    • Consortium of mental health service users, who are available as ‘trainers’ in community and statutory sectors

We offer practical advice and support for Mental Health organisations to develop new ideas and improve your services.

Annual Report

An update of WWAMH’s contributions over the past years. The next report will be made available during November 2014.

Development and Consultancy

Every year WWAMH carries out a consultation exercise to gather views from individuals and organisations on the services we provide. This feedback helps us to improve and develop WWAMH services.

Ways to Donate

We are currently accepting donations through PayPal. All donations raised are used to help support our current services and continue ongoing WWAMH projects. Please click on the ‘Donate’ button below and follow all further instructions. Thank you for your support! Support WWAMH while you shop online! By registering with the sites listed below and choosing West Wales …

Facilitating and Joint Working

WWAMH assists groups and individuals to play a key role as equal partners in local services, mental health development and planning procedures.

Health Promotion

People living with mental health problems often also suffer poor physical health. There has been considerable interest and research on this link recently and the reasons for it are thought to be complex.


WWAMH is involved in a broad range of activities to promote mental health and help ensure that everyone has access to independent and impartial information.

Meet the Team

              Our Hard-working and Friendly Staff Director: Angie Darlington (director@wwamh.org.uk) Assistant Director (Finance Lead): Andrea Edwards (andrea@wwamh.org.uk) Mental Health Development Workers: Tim Teeling (tim@wwamh.org.uk) Shon Devey (shon@wwamh.org.uk) Terry Davies (terrydavies@wwamh.org.uk) Mind Your Heart Worker: Jan Batty (jan.batty@wales.nhs.uk) Project Worker: Julie Edwards (julie@wwamh.org.uk) External Consultants and Trainers: Gareth Richards, Hannah …

Service User and Carer Involvement

WWAMH supports and facilitates a number of service user led networks across the Three Counties. WWAMH also facilitates the recruitment of a number of service user and carer representatives for the various planning and service development groups.

Training Services

West Wales Action for Mental Health provides a range of training and support to service users, groups and organisations.