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Mind Your Heart

People living with mental health problems often also suffer poor physical health. There has been considerable interest and research on this link recently and the reasons for it are thought to be complex.

Nevertheless, Mind Your Heart believes that there are actions we can take, changes we can make to the way we live, whatever our circumstances, which can improve our health.

Many people suffering mental health problems would like to live more healthily, but face a number of extra difficulties in making these changes.

Mind Your Heart is a project for Ceredigion in West Wales that aims to help people overcome these obstacles and improve their overall health.

Click here to download the MYH Performance Evaluation Report 2013-14

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To find out further information, please visit the Mind Your Heart section of the website.



Are you serious about giving up smoking?

There is a new stop smoking service in West Wales. Mind groups in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire are offering a free Stop Smoking Service to people who face mental health problems. Join the service and give up smoking in a safe and friendly environment with one-to-one sessions. Click on the links below for further information: