Arts Care Gofal Celf Virtual ARTS Care Package January 2021

We may be in lockdown for the third time, and challenging times have followed us into the new year, BUT we are still keeping going and hope that a little inspiration can be taken from this email to inject a little fun and creativity into your day.

ACGC Bilingual Arts Tutorials
We have created some written step-by-step creative tutorials to support anyone who may not have access to the internet. 
Pebble painting: click here ac yma
Collagraph print: click here ac yma
Creative writing: click here ac yma.
Clay animal sculpture: click here ac yma.
A few others are available on request. These can be posted out to anyone not online. Some of the written guides have pre-recorded films to support them for those able to access YouTube: click here.
Pre-recorded films
These are useful as activities for care homes, work with older people with dementia or families with children:
Creative Beach experience: click here (written guides available to support care home staff in delivering this activity).
Collage: click here.

Brechfa Through Time: Connecting people through creative exploration
A wonderful project funded by Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm fund, providing creative opportunities for anyone living in the Brechfa Forest area. Please get in touch to hear more about the creative activities available (photography, jewellery, yoga, printmaking, felt flowers and more). Currently online and free, starting 23 January 2021. 

Creative Communities
Our ongoing arts project supporting adults who have experienced mental ill health, enabling people to access professionally led creative sessions (yoga, creative writing, photography, sculpture, lantern making and more) to promote wellbeing. We currently have a mix of online workshops, face-to-face sessions (should COVID-19 restrictions allow) and pre-recorded film tutorials/art packs to support access for all, regardless of digital access. Get in touch to find out more if you or someone you know may benefit from these activities. All are free, being funded by Hywel Dda Health Board and Carmarthenshire County Council. 

For further details or to book any dance sessions, please email
13 January 2021, 3pm: Early Years/Kids Pirate-themed Dance session via Zoom with Freya Dare (ages 3 to 7 years)
18 January 2021, 3pm: ’80s/’90s-themed inclusive workshop with Freya Dare and Danny Rolls via Zoom (all ages and ability)
20 January 2021, 3pm: Kids/Youth Hip Hop with Danny Rolls Via Zoom (ages 7+) 
Tuesdays, 10am: Baby Steps. Parents and babies can sing and dance along from the comfort home via Zoom, £4 per class. Click here
We still have our free pre-recorded dance sessions online, including zumba, seated dance, steps to health, kids dance, hip hop and more. Please request the links to any of these, all free.
We could all benefit from a gentle stretch and touch of relaxation, so join ACGC’s Jess Allen to do just that: click here.  
Coming soon
Seated Dance Lockdown Part III with Lucy Coldman
Zumba 30 with Angharad James (30 minutes of fun) 

Online Workshops with ACGC’s Artist Deb Withy
Deb will be leading two of the following projects, depending on interest, each running for 5 weeks and starting in February 2021. To find out more, email
1. Finding your “secret sauce” (mixed media and concepts)
2. Creative writing/editing/design/illustration
3. Zoom drawing + digital collage: suitable for children
4. Music as muse and inspiration.

We aren’t able to get our clay club back up and running just yet, so in the meantime… The Great Pottery Throw Down starts this Sunday 10 January 2021 at 7.45pm on Channel 4: click here.

Daily Creative Prompts for January (from ’64millionartists’)
Here are just a few of their prompts so far to see if it tickles your paintbrush, pencil or whatever art form you may like:
1 January 2021: Lost and Found. What do you want to leave in 2020, and what do you want to find in 2021? You could think of this challenge like a time capsule. Gather all of the things you would like to leave behind in 2020. You could put things in a box, you could write a list or you could make an illustration. Now, gather all of the things you want to find in 2021! They could be physical things or they could be memories, ambitions or experiences you are hoping for.
2 January 2021: Love. Write the word LOVE in any material or materials you want! Write in calligraphy, create a collage, find objects that look like letters – or find letters hidden in objects. Create some love today. How will you hold on to ‘love’ today?
3 January 2021: Pocket of Hope. Decorate a piece of paper with words, images, marks or colour that will give you or someone else hope or joy. Keep it in your pocket, purse, wallet, bag or somewhere to find whenever you like. You could make one for someone you know to carry with them and include things you know they like or enjoy. Think of it as a visual or written pick-me-up that can be used repeatedly as needed!
4 January 2021: Wear your Happy. When we dress, we often do so to match the way we feel at the time. Choose to wear clothing that you LOVE. Perhaps it has a soft texture or reminds you of a happy memory from when you wore it last or the person who may have gifted it to you. Perhaps it’s a colour that you love, a vintage item that takes you closer to history, fun shoes that make you smile because of the noise or way they look, a gorgeous hat or head wrap, funky accessories… or perhaps it’s all of the above.
For more daily prompts, sign up for free: click here or find them on Facebook. 

Online Art Activities, Tutorials and Games
Step-by-step art tutorials: click here.
Something for the kids (or your inner child): click here

It is VERY important to look after yourself as well as looking out for others. If you don’t take care of yourself then you won’t be able to support anyone else. It isn’t selfish, it is simply self-care. Click here for some ideas TO LOOK AFTER YOU… obviously, all the creative activities above could provide a boost, too.

Help to access online activities
Age Cymru offers help for anyone aged 50+: click here.
Delta Wellbeing: the Delta CONNECT project offers a flexible support package, including a well-being assessment, pro-active well-being calls, digital support, help to re-engage with the community and access to a 24/7 community response service. Please note that this is free until 31 March 2021, so it is worth giving it a go (charges will apply from April 2021 if you continue the service).