AWW Link-UP Winter 2016

AWW Link UPJo takes over as chair

JO Riggs (pictured to left) was appointed the new chairperson of Advocacy West Wales (AWW) at the annual meeting. Jo is a director of her own consultancy business and will take over from current acting chair Barbara Wilson in January.

Joanne is an experienced independent consultant who has worked in the health sector for over five years. She specialises in providing consultancy in the fields of mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and other vulnerabilities within the criminal justice system.

Change management and programme/project management has been at the forefront of her career where she has influenced service design, delivery, quality improvement, service user involvement and the testing of models.

Jo said: “I am delighted to become Chair of such a valuable independent organisation for the three counties. Having a mental health problem or a vulnerability can be extremely challenging for those in the community or in hospital – being in hospital alone is difficult enough. AWW provides a vital voice and support for people facing these difficulties that others might take for granted and I am proud to be part of shaping its future so that AWW advocates can help even more people who desperately need it.’’

The BBC Wales newsreader Jamie Owen kicked off proceedings at the AGM and kept the audience entranced with tales of his news reading and reporting. The television news star is the patron of AWW. The meeting at Narberth’s Bloomfield Centre in October also heard minutes of the last AGM and finance report, chair’s report, manager’s report, presentation by IMHAs and community advocates and a brief talk by service user and trustee Jayne Thomas. A number of new trustees joined the organisation. Anyone interested in the work of AWW is encouraged to ring 01437 762935.


Fund-raising events mounting up

AWW’s Acting Chief Officer Natasha Fox’s son was sponsored to grow a moustache for the moustache event Movember in November with funds coming to AWW. Oliver invited sponsorship which he publicised at school and via club and social media sites and raised £190.

Sue Evans’s daughter Rachel Evans did a “Sobriety for Sue” month in November. It raised nearly £250 in the first 24 hours and has raised in excess of £1,000 altogether for the Sue Evans legacy fund. Plans are also afoot, with Luke at Paul Sartori, for a Bake Off Day.

The Total Giving site is now live and we will have a page for Sue’s fund but also a page for general donations to unrestricted/Core 1 funding. Links to the Total Giving site have been established on the AWW website and Facebook page.

A meeting has been held to discuss the way forward for the fund. Ideas will be discussed with Sue’s family and potentially Mind who she was also involved with.

Natasha said: “The Milford Haven Port Authority did ask us to go back to them for the £500 they had to offer us if we got the amount of the fund to £4000. We will be following that up.”


Plans for new charitable status

A SPECIAL meeting will be held on January 14th at PAVS, Haverfordwest, at 1.10pm, to discuss a move from unincorporated to incorporated or Charitable Incorporated Organisation status for AWW. Moving to a new status will limit the liability of trustees who are currently personally liable and will offer new opportunities. The options available will be talked through with members and trustees.


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