Belief Faith and Action CIC Director Vacancy

Belief Faith and Action Community Interest Company (BFA CIC) are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic and experienced Director to join our team. Someone who has experience in handling public funds would be a valuable addition, and we would welcome someone who would enjoy being a part of creating the worthwhile projects that we feel are essential for a during- and post-pandemic world.

With advances in technology, the need to travel great distances to sit at a table to discuss matters is a thing of the past. We can easily share documents and discuss ideas over various media platforms, saving precious time and allowing decisions to be made swiftly. Visits can be kept to a minimum if your time is limited, though you would of course be very welcome to physically attend meetings as well.  

BFA CIC is creating a Care Farm in Llangain, Carmarthen. It is also creating a Community Farm, a Sensory Garden and facilities that can be used by Freelance Therapists and Workshop Leaders to encourage the development of their business as well as encouraging a creative and spiritual core in the Community.

We aim to provide employment as well as voluntary opportunities to develop what has been a little-used resource over the past years into a thriving community that can feed Carmarthen both physically and creatively.  

If you would be interested in joining us, please get in touch with Angela Timms (Managing Director) on 075656485.