Have You A Son, Daughter, Friend, Or Relative Who Is

Taking Drugs Or Drinking Too Much, If So You Should Read This!

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No, this is not a survey giving you depressing statistics or an advert promoting

some kind of magic cure, there isn’t one. It’s about you, the person who lives

with and cares for an addict or alcoholic, the one who has too tread on egg

shells, afraid to say or do the wrong thing. Putting up with the lies and deceit,

the constant fear, will they come home and if they do, in what kind of state?

Even if they aren’t living at home, you still constantly worry. It’s your worst

nightmare come true. I know it’s hell because I’ve been there so many, many

times. Would you like to hear my story? It’s as painful to me as anyone else’s.

But there’s often a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember this there is a lot

of help out for the user, if they wish to take it. But what about you?


My friends and I meet every Tuesday evening at about 6pm for an hour or two

in DD Hall Albert Street Llanelli. We drink tea and coffee and talk. It’s amazing

how offloading your worries helps, especially when you talk to friends like

mine, who have experienced the same thing as you and I. Don’t think it’s the

blind leading the blind, a number of us have taken course studying addiction

and how best to deal with it. Please don’t bury your head in the sand, come

and see us or give us call. We are a small group, there’s no ceremony, no

religion, no fee and it’s not all doom. It’s relaxed and friendly with a warm

welcome. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. We call our

group C.A.S.M and we are here to support and help you. There is nothing to

lose and maybe quite a lot to gain.


Call Sarah on 07407657576 / Martyn on 07708285892