Community Cohesion Fund – Application Deadline 10 January 2020

The purpose of the Community Cohesion Fund is to help us achieve community cohesion in Carmarthenshire. Community Cohesion is about all communities. It is not just about relationships between different ethnic groups. Segregation, misunderstanding and tension can occur between all sorts of communities; for example, communities of younger and older people, or different neighbourhoods.

We have project funding available (up to £2500) to develop activities and resources to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities through initiatives that promote cohesive communities. Work would include the development of events, resource materials or other initiatives that improve relations within our communities. Teams within the Council working to support community groups can apply and can support community-led groups with applications.

This funding will need to be spent by the end of March 2020. Please contact Kay Howells, Community Cohesion Co-ordinator at and submit your application by 5pm on 10 January 2020.

Through ‘Community Cohesion’ we are aiming to achieve the following outcomes.

• Different communities get on well together: Bringing different communities together to build bridges, understanding and respect between them through meaningful engagement.

• New communities bond together: Helping new communities to grow and bond together to help them build self-help, identity and roots.

• Everyone in Carmarthenshire feel they belong: Helping people to feel at home and to see diversity as a strength to be enjoyed.

• Young people understand and respect different communities, and adults and young people get on well together: Supporting children and young people to develop understanding and respect for different communities, and helping to build good relationships between young people and adults in the county.

• There is freedom from tension: Addressing tensions and the causes of tension between and within communities in the city.

We would like to encourage applications to carry out activities to bring together communities who may otherwise never get to meet; for example, new arrivals in neighbourhoods getting to know people who have lived in the area for a long time, or intergenerational work. Often this can be done though arranging social, cultural or sporting activities, but these activities must also include some additional ‘meaningful activity’ such as conversations, sharing life experiences, getting to know each other or finding out what they have in common. We would like to encourage projects that can help people to enjoy and celebrate living in Carmarthenshire and strengthen their sense of belonging. This could mean helping people to understand and enjoy each others’ cultures and traditions.

Specific focus could be given to the following areas:
Hate crime awareness
Overcoming community tensions
Celebrating diversity
Community Capacity building
Supporting EU citizens through the EUSS