Creative Opportunities with Arts Care Gofal Celf

Creative Writing
A new three-week creative writing mini project ‘Inspiration’ starts this Friday 27 November 2020 at 2pm to 4pm via Zoom: click here.
To book a place, please email your name, address and contact number to and we will send you the Zoom log-in details.

Weekly Task: recreate a photo in a sketch or painting or vice versa
Choose a photograph – it could be a favourite landscape, a family photo,  your cat or dog, whatever you like – and sketch, paint or collage to recreate the image. Or, if you prefer, take your favourite painting or piece of art and recreate it using your environment and objects and capture it as a reworked photograph. Experiment and have fun! You could spend the week working on it or make it a 10-minute challenge.
Share the original and the recreated art work with us before 12pm on Sunday 29 November 2020. We’d love to see what you come up with.