Monks Treasure

Monks Treasure have a number of workshops available from September onward. A full Covid 19 Risk Assessment is in place and numbers of people attending are limited to small groups. All sessions are free and facilitated by experienced nature guides.

The workshops on offer are:

 A walk in the woods, (in which people walk in the woods looking for a walking stick to create a bespoke item).

Outside the box, (a nature walk in the wild meadow catching and identifying bugs and listening to the birds then people create a bird, bug or bat box).

A grounding experience looks into the history and archaeology of the site whilst visiting the chapel area then people can metal detect to see what can be found.

These are the basic workshops which enable people to visit all areas on the site and therefore have a knowledge of the site. There are many more activities once these are completed .

For more information please contact Julie Sanders from Monks Treasure directly on: 07794953249 or email