Please support the Starlings Community Cycling Project by voting for them at The Peoples Project Lottery. Voting will open on 1st April. Please visit Starlings Community Cycling Project and the Peoples Project Lottery at

The Exercise Referral Scheme in Aberystwyth was the first Exercise Referral
group in Wales to develop a social activity group. The “Starlings” group
(named after the Starling birds that swoop over Aberystwyth pier) was formed
on St David’s Day 2014 with the aim of encouraging members to have fun,
socialise and keep active on a regular basis.

Since then the Starlings have continued to grow and the group is now
independent of the Exercise Referral Group but still has very close working
links with it. It also has a membership that is almost totally formed from
people who have been through the Aberystwyth Exercise Referral Scheme.
The group has applied for a grant from the Peoples Project Lottery and have
successfully reached the final stage. If they are successful in winning the grant
which is up to £50,000, they intend to create an inclusive cycling project called
“Wheel Together”

Wheel Together aims to help people keep physically active and mentally well in
a way that includes people, rather than excludes them on grounds of physical
ability. If successful, the grant would enable them to buy adaptive bikes that
can then be hired and used by anyone in Aberystwyth who needs this type of
bike, e.g. someone with MS, or Parkinson’s Disease, or who has had a stroke,
anyone with Neurological conditions or other mobility problems. It allows able
bodied and non-able bodied people to come together as equals to cycle
together and enjoy the excitement and freedom that cycling brings. We are so
fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with many open spaces this and
would be a wonderful opportunity for people to enjoy their local community.

ITV Wales and the Peoples Project have created a short video to publicise all
the projects that have reached the final stage. The videos will be shown after
the ITV news during the week beginning 1st April. The winning project will be
decided by the number of votes it attracts from the local community. That’s
why it is so important to publicise the venture as much as possible throughout
Wales and encourage people to visit the website to register their vote.