‘The Bridge Beside the Fields’ – request for sponsorship

The short film entitled ‘The Bridge Beside The Fields’ follows an orphan who, following the death of his mother, finds himself the target of bullying from both peers and family alike, before fleeing his home to find refuge and counsel with a neighbour and ultimately learning to find strength through his struggle. It’s a story in which each protagonist battles with their mental health in differing ways.

Ben Irving, the Production Manager, believes that ‘The Bridge Beside the Fields’ – to be filmed in Wales – would help people struggling with their mental health and is searching for sponsors to help raise funds for the film’s production.

For further information about the project and to donate, please click here to go to the sponsorship page. The Instagram handle is thebridgebesidethefields_film

If you might be interested in sponsoring the film, Ben would be very excited to hear from you via email at birving06@gmail.com or phone on 07805 946186.