Tir Coed, Pembrokeshire

Welcome to the Woods –  Tregroes Woods, Fishguard  Weds 13th, Thurs 14th, Fri 15th, Mon 18th, Tues 19th March  The course will be an introduction to Tir Coed and woodland working. Activities will include introduction to tool use, green woodworking and health and safety practises. There will also be opportunity to have a go at making charcoal and make an item to take home.

12 Week Training Course –  Scolton South Woods, Bethlehem, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 14th/15th May. This course will focus on woodland carpentry. Participants will take a more in depth look at the topics covered in the introductory courses.  Activities will include bridge building. This course is accredited by Agored Cymru.

Bespoke Activity Sessions – In addition to our to the accredited training courses, Tir Coed offer group activity days, built around the interest, ability and needs of the group.

For more information on all of the above please contact Nancy Hardy, pembsmentor@tircoed.org.uk or Adam Dawson sirbenfro@tircoed.org.uk