Weekly Creative Tasks with Arts Care Gofal Celf

Arts Care Buttons

We have been providing prompts for weekly creative tasks during October and November on our Facebook page Arts Care Gofal Celf Projects

If you haven’t been able to get involved to date but fancy having a go, attached is a list of the weekly tasks so far.  It is never too late to have a go, get creative and send images of your work to rachel@acgc.co.uk.  

Look out for the return of daily tasks this December 2020.

This weeks creative task is inspired by buttons as today Monday 16th November is #NationalButtonDay

This week find creative ways to enjoy buttons…

  • Write your name or a message using buttons
  • Create a button art picture,  using buttons to create forms and shapes
  • Sort through buttons and arrange them into colour,  size,  shape, maybe create a pattern
  • Take a photo of an unusual button or your favourite button.
  • Draw or paint a button(s).
  • Sew and add buttons to enhance a piece of textiles…a piece or art or a garment
  • Photograph a different button each day for 7 days

Experiment and have fun. Please don’t forget to send us your button creations,  we’d love to see them. 

Post photos on our Facebook page or email to rachel@acgc.co.uk by 12pm on Sunday 22nd November 👍

If you have any ideas for weekly or daily creative tasks that we could set then we would love to hear from you. Send us your ideas and we can get a list of prompts ready to keep us all going over the winter months.