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Mind Your Heart

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People living with mental health problems often also suffer poor physical health. There has been considerable interest and research on this link recently and the reasons for it are thought to be complex.

Nevertheless, Mind Your Heart believes that there are actions we can take, changes we can make to the way we live, whatever our circumstances, which can improve our health.

Many people suffering mental health problems would like to live more healthily, but face a number of extra difficulties in making these changes.

Mind Your Heart is a project for Ceredigion in West Wales that aims to help people overcome these obstacles and improve their overall health.


Contact Mind Your Heart:

Jan Batty
07875 206777



The Mind Your Heart Programme was made possible by the support and commitment of:

A thank you to all of them!

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MYH – About

Through training for staff in healthy lifestyles, small grants and advice and support, Mind Your Heart has successfully supported voluntary and statutory organisations in mental health services in Ceredigion to offer more opportunities for healthy living to their clients.

MYH – Links

If you have a mental health problem, or you work with people who do, you may find the following links helpful. They will give you more information on how eating well, being more active and looking after your body can help both your physical health and your mental health.

MYH – Recovery Book

The Recovery Book is a practical resource: an offer of companionship for those on the difficult, but ultimately life-affirming journey of recovery. It is based on the key discoveries of those who have made the journey.

MYH – Toolkit

The Toolkit provides information and guidance on ways to increase opportunities for healthier activities and to support people who wish to change.