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MYH – Links

If you have a mental health problem, or you work with people who do, you may find the following links helpful. They will give you more information on how eating well, being more active and looking after your body can help both your physical health and your mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation has online information and a number of good booklets including:

  • ‘How Exercise can help Help Depression’ booklet
  • ‘Healthy Eating and Depression’ booklet and a ‘Feeding Minds’ webguide
  • Fact sheet on ‘Smoking and Mental Health’
  • Fact sheet on ‘Alcohol and Mental Health’

Mind has a wide range of publications including physical activity, complementary therapies, looking after yourself and food and mood.

Food and Mood website has resources on how food affects your mood and how to eat for better mental health.

Gasp produces many good resources, some written specifically for people with mental health problems who want to stop smoking.

Foundation for Integrated Health has a ‘Patient’s guide to complementary medicine’.