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The name TONIC comes from “ton” the Welsh word for a wave and encapsulates the idea that the sea and the sea shore can play an important role in improving health and wellbeing.

The TONIC project is a pilot programme (based on the evidence of the effectiveness of Surf/Ocean Therapy programmes in the USA and the UK) looking to measure the effectiveness of using this approach with adults experiencing mental health problems in West Wales.

The pilot programme is delivered by a partnership between Gofal, Walkin on Water Surf School & Surfable, and is supported by West Wales Action for Mental Health (WWAMH). Gofal will be responsible for managing and risk assessing referrals to the programme.

The programme is supported by Natural Resources Wales.













Accessing TONIC:

TONIC is open to four potential groups of participants:

  • Adults with mental health problems;
  • Adults with mental health problems who also have substance /alcohol issues;
  • Ex service personnel (veterans) experiencing emotional or mental health problems;
  • Carers experiencing emotional or mental health problems.


TONIC provides wet suits and all suitable equipment.